Farmtrac tractors are manufactured in India in one of the largest tractor factories in the world. Overall capacity reaches more than 100 000 tractors per year, of which about 30% are being exported over the world. The USA is one of the biggest export markets for Farmtrac tractors. The Farmtrac tractor is based on previous Ford models. The Farmtrac factory manufactured Ford tractors for Ford before Ford was taken over by New Holland. Some of the current models are still the same as the old form models. However, improvements were made on some models, and some models are completely new, with only the looks of the Ford tractor. At this moment, approximately 200 units are imported per annum into South Africa, with expected growth as the dealer network gets finalized. Full spares backup and service backup are available at selected FARMTRAC dealers.

 Outstanding Features

  • No electronics
  • Proven design
  • Very well priced
  • Excellent backup
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Dual clutch on all models
  • Shuttle gearbox 12 speed forward/reverse on FT70 and FT80
  • Power steering on all models except FT35
  • Dual hydraulic valvebank for external hydraulic on all models except FT35
  • SABS approved