EELWORM MANAGEMENT Data relating to the treatment. Bladrammenas is a green manure (seed) crop which at the same time will reduce Eelworm - better known as (Nematodes) with as much as 95% when sown properly. For Eelworm to be active the ground temperature must be minus 10 degrees during the growing period. Depending on the soil type, Bladrammenas needs 100kg pure Nitrogen. The roots can grow as deep as 2 meters, which is excellent for the next crops drainage.

After approximately 3 months the crop is worked in by first mulching the crop and then working it underground. The finish results will be as much as 180 tons per hectare of green manure. By working it underground it releases a gas called metamsodium (biological gas) which also kills Eelworms and dangerous Fungus diseases.

The land must then rest for 2 - 3 weeks thereafter, which will then be full of micro-life, which is beneficial for the next crops Which need to be planted. N.B. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO SEED THE BLADRAMMENAS PROPERLY. The seeds are imported from the Netherlands by Javelin Seeds in SA. Credential evidence from the Netherlands, is that 60 000 hectares of Bladrammenas is grown, and figures are on the Increase every year. Being the tiny country it is, this product would not have been as successful as it is today!

Overview issued is a short summary on Bladrammenas - for further advice & personal attention - Contact S.A. only Bladrammenas Contractor:

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